Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

Connecting to One's Place

I have always enjoyed walking and sitting in certain spots. That's one thing I know is true from Castaneda: not only are there "power spots," there are certain "power spots" that are specific to YOU and not others. Look out of the corner of your eye for "difference" (colors, etc.).

Once I found "my spot" in a strange place, I slept there all night peacefully in the middle of a lawn on a campus...and in the morning the night security guy asked where I had been, as he had tried to find me...he heard my snoring but could not see me anywhere. It was open lawn with no bushes. That's what I mean by "your spot."

My preference to get out either is in inclement weather: storms, rain, snow, lightning, hail, winds...any conditions like that...or times when the sky has odd clouds, sunrise or sunset, rainbow, the gloaming/dusk, when the stars are out and sharp in the black skies. Sharing food or water with the place and its "people" is also one of my things.

I am an inhabitant of an intermontane valley of the Middle Rockies ecoregion/bioregion, the Helena valley. I have lived here most of my almost 50 years. I see it as a bowl, with the mountains the sides and rim of the bowl. The shapes of the mountains are as familiar as the faces of people. I mark the year by what mountains the sun touches as it comes up and goes down.

Although I have connections with many of the inhabitants, I feel personal connections especially with the meadowlark, white sage, and the cottonwood tree, balsamroot and beebalm, as well as lilac and sparrow, honeybee and kestrel...too many to say...
Tags: bioregion, helena

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