Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

2012: The Movie

Just got back from watching a matinee showing of "2012." The movie was LONG, close to three hours. I don't mind long movies, and the constant destruction and running/flying/driving from destruction was entertaining. Don't expect sense or drama from it, it is all spectacle (which is why I went to see it on the big screen).

Living in Montana, it was a trip to see the Yellowstone supervolcano bulge and erupt while Woody Harrelson danced and shouted like a preacher on a mountaintop. It gave me some visuals for the volcanic landscape of the southern part of the valley.

Seeing O'ahu as a molten landscape was similarly fascinating, with lava flowing from Tantalus as the hotels of Waikiki crumbled into the ocean, and Leahi (Diamond Head) spewed rock and light. Paint THAT Wyland!

That's really all I wanted. Some eye candy and I got it. I'm glad I'm not a geology, astronomy, etc. expert, because I bet those guys would pick it apart. The little I did notice that was off the mark bothered me, such as the fact that cell phones and landlines worked just fine most of the time while earth crumbled around them. And the little airplanes didn't seem to have too much problem with the chaotic winds which would have normally resulted from mass crustal displacement and volcanic pyroclastics.

But it was a good time watching the magic of special effects do some outlandish stuff. Thumbs up FX guys!
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