Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

What Do I Believe Anyways?

So people are confused by my saying I am Native American, am a Roman Catholic, and yet also walk the path of Druidry and of Heathenism.

I guess I kind of don't fit in anywhere. I believe in God the way the average American used to, as in the Pledge of Allegiance or "God Bless America". I never found a need to break it down and get too specific. God made everything, God made me, etc.

There's no conflict with the Native American world on that score. The Creator made the world, etc. My God though is not very much like the one in the Old Testament in killing everyone who doesn't do it the "official approved" way. God to me is much bigger than that.

The difference is in the details. To me everything has a soul, which is not how the average Catholic believes. I do believe in Jesus, and the Holy Trinity. Even those times I am not sure, I choose to believe with my free will. I took an oath as part of my baptism and confirmation, and despite certain things I don't agree with, I just try to stick with it. So yes, I am a practicing Catholic, but I am not untroubled.

See, I just don't trust what everyone is selling, hook line and sinker. I probably go with the Catholic way up through the Apostles Creed. But I don't believe that if you don't believe the exact way you are supposed to, that you go to hell.

I have no doubt there may be other gods and goddesses. I just haven't experienced any of them. Why would I turn my back on the God I know that has seen me through life so far, to run after some other gods I never had dealings with? However I don't think they are demons etc. I guess I really don't know anything about them because they never talked to me in any way. I just go with the vague, generalistic "God." I may have lots of issues with the religion, but I try to worship only the God I was raised to know.

What I DO focus on, that agrees more with Druidic, Heathen, and Native American ways and might be called heretical by Catholics, is a focus on ancestors and on the spirits of the land (hills, creeks, trees, wind, thunder, etc.) I don't "worship" them, but I give them gifts and food out of friendship and respect.

Maybe I am sort of on that "cusp" of belief that the ancient rural pagans dealt with for hundreds of years during the slow conversion of Europe...the blend of Catholic and pagan ways, where you go to Church and Mass and say your prayers to the Most High and His Son Jesus Christ, and pray through Our Lady, but make offerings of tobacco to the Thunder and the Fire, speak to the Wind, and thank our Mother Earth and Father Sun, and leave plates of food for the hungry spirits in the dark.

I worship only God Who Made All Things, and I confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, but as the Lakota say "We are all related"...for God made us all..the Sun, the Earth, the Bear..."All Things Seen and Unseen"...and you can never have too many friends. Ultimately, I put my trust in Divine Providence and my family, with my hand on my pistol for added measure.
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