November 21st, 2015

Check-in, November 2015

I don't update this blog much, because it is focused on "Nature Spirituality in Montana", and I ended up moving to Kansas in the fall of 2013. But I don't want to totally abandon this blog and take it down, because there are years of memories here I refer back to, and many posts I still use or point people to. So in order that this blog isn't "dead" and because I want to retain it as a reference, I will post here, though infrequently. I also apologize to those visitors who may find their way here, ask a question, and get no answer for months and months. I don't check in here sometimes for months and months.

My main job these days is to serve my tribe here in Kansas-Nebraska (the borderlands of the two states, nestled against the Missouri River) in matters of history, culture and archaeology. I did start a sister blog in Kansas to this one, addressing some of the same issues I did in the Montana blog with my Nemaha blog (the Big Nemaha River formed the northern boundary of the reservation here) when the topics were similar enough.

The thing about blogs is they come and go, because people start and abandon them all the time. They were the "big thing" back in the day, now with social media taking over, not so much. But social media sucks when it comes to examining things in detail, and it really sucks when you try to find old stuff you wrote (archiving). So I'll keep this going as long as I can, and as long as LiveJournal is around (those businesses change all the time too).

So now I see I should check those visitor comments and see if anything needs addressing...