September 2nd, 2012

Language, Time, God

In my tribe, the past and the present are the same in a deep way, and both are certain. The future is merely a possibility. My tribal language is Ioway, closely related to Sioux and Crow (both "Siouan" languages), but not at all related to Cheyenne (an Algonquian language) or Flathead (a Salishan language). For example, in Ioway you say "I walk," "I am walking," "I did walk," and "I walked" all the same way: "Hamanyi" (ha = I; manyi = walk). What happened before and what happened now are fact, and in some sense, they are still occurring. To say "I will walk" or "I will be walking" you would say "Hamanyihnye." Hnye just means there is a potential, but uncertain.

Present and future... there are three dimensions in material reality: height, width, depth = 3D. The fourth dimension is time. The fourth dimension is applied to physical reality, just the same as the first three. 4D = height, width, depth, time.

That's also why when it would make sense that eternity means "outside time." It would make sense that if one believes in God and that God is eternal, there would be no beginning and no end to God...BECAUSE GOD IS NOT MATERIAL, and thus the four dimensions that apply to material reality -height, width, breadth, and time- would not apply to God.