June 28th, 2008

True Weather Control

Someone posted this salient passage over at John Michael Greer's Archdruid Report, which has a message for those with ears to hear:

"Your power over the rain and river-waters of the earth is infinite. You can bring rain where you will, by planting wisely and tending carefully;--drought, where you will, by ravage of woods and neglect of the soil. You might have the rivers of England as pure as the crystal of the rock--beautiful in falls, in lakes, in living pools;--so full of fish that you might take them out with your hands instead of nets. Or you may do always as you have done now, turn every river of England into a common sewer, so that you cannot so much as baptize an English baby but with filth, unless you hold its face out in the rain; and even that falls dirty.

[...]Earth--meant to be nourishing for you, and blossoming. You have learned, about it, that there is no such thing as a flower; and as far as your scientific hands and scientific brains--inventive of explosive and deathful; instead of blossoming and life-giving dust, can contrive, you have turned the Mother-Earth, Demeter, into the Avenger-Earth, Tisiphone — with the voice of your brother's blood crying out of it, in one wild harmony round all its murderous sphere." (from Fors Clavigera, Letter V)

-John Ruskin, address to the leaders of Britain in 1871