June 10th, 2008

Take a breath

I was raised thinking about the end of the World...as a child in the Cold War with the specter of nuclear holocaust over our heads, and in our traditional Native ways, which talked about the end of the world as this modern society kills our Mother Earth.

In the old stories, it is clear. It is coming. It cannot be called back. We Indians, our ancestors, have been through this before. We know about the End of a World.

I read something good today for those not used to such things to think about (http://carolynbaker.net/site/content/view/203/)

Here is the part I want you to read and think about:

•1) "Fully acknowledge and internalize that the culture of Empire is destroying the support systems on which the community of life depends, and robbing us of our essential humanity."

I suggest mulling the words "internalize" and "humanity." Then ask yourself how electing presidential or Congressional candidates, not unlike putting lipstick on a pig, can stop the evisceration of your essential humanity. Ponder the system that nominates and owns those candidates and determines their political positions during their terms in office. Notice that all candidates, in order to be nominated or elected, must participate in the evisceration of your humanity.

•2) "Talk about your concerns with everyone you know." Notice their reactions. Notice the incredulity, the apathy, the denial, the false hopes of "solutions." Then notice how you feel. Notice also the individuals who hear you and sense that what you are feeling is valid because they feel it too. Continue to connect with those individuals; they are inestimably valuable to you.

•3) "Find your work in the world to preserve life, change this culture and /or create restorative ways for individuals and communities to live in harmony with each other and the non-human world."

Start asking yourself why you are here. What did you come here to do? Why did you show up on planet earth at this time and not another?

•4) "Assess what you actually need during this transition in order to live and do your work. Only buy what you need and buy from local sources in order to support the creation of local economies." To what extent are you powering down and simplifying your life? Do you know your neighbors? Local farmers? Local business people?

•5) "Find or deepen your spiritual connection to that which is greater than you. Ask and then listen for guidance about how to live joyfully and creatively in the face of these unprecedented times."

Solvitur ambulando