May 1st, 2008

Happy May Day

Happy Beltane/Belteinne/Mayday!!!!! I know many are celebrating today in their own way....I would love to see a Maypole Dance, but there are none the one from one of my favorite movies, the original "Wicker Man" will do...

We celebrate Mayday today on May 1, yet because of the changes in the calendar the actual date of Old Mayday is closer to May 13 on today's calendars. May Day Old Style indeed. It is important to keep the old calendar in mind in such things as well as local conditions...No wonder I do not yet see any flowering hawthorns ("may") or birch or rowan, though the buds are fullsome and large, and the lilacs are waking up as well. The morning is bright and blue.

Yesterday in this waning crescent and with attendant prayers and conversation with the site, I finished the small garden preparation and I planted old open-pollinated heritage varieties Amish Snap Peas, Purple Plum Radishes, and Bunching Onions (more to come of course) to celebrate Mayday because I want them to rest a little before the New Moon stirs them into waking. I have a flattish stone I am using as an altar/offering stone in the garden as a nexus for the work I am doing and the Otherworld's help (this is the first bed in the garden, and the soil is rather dismal as I mentioned). I will need all the help I can get, me and my brown thumb-- still looking for moss agate, no place has the right rock locally-- I want a raw manly chunk, not a highly polished feminine piece of jewelry for a hundred dollars :-P

I will plant something else today. Likely some carrots and yarrow, but we'll see. I am going to wait until May 13 or so to do something for Old May Day...perhaps light my small May Day fire, and set up a small May Pole in the Garden. It would be nice to do something for the Battle of the Seasons as well. But mainly for the next two weeks, between New Mayday (May 1) and Old Beltane (May 13) I am working with the Moon and the Garden, and the attendant development of a relationship with the Otherworld and the Good Folk.