Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

Goofy times

Must be something weird going on in my chart/planets or something because a lot of miscommunication is going on. Something with Mercury maybe? I'll have to try some divination because I am no astrologer.

I've lost two friends in the last couple of days due to communication. In addition, I was supposed to help somebody move today and they never got back to me, and as a result a bunch of boxes I needed for books storage/moving are history as well (books = Mercury). And decent FREE book boxes are often harder to find than friends these days. Everything's fine and over the last week, some land mines. What next?

I guess the magical life is like this. Oh well. More BIG changes on the way too, including maybe this blog going away, or at least just going inactive and being archived. It's been going for 6 years (started 2007). Got some thinking to do.
Tags: magic

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