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Paranormal Problems

Occasionally a reader over at my Paranormal Montana blog will ask for assistance if they are having problems of a paranormal nature. I do not currently do investigations personally. Here is the response I gave to a recent inquiry:

hi X---

What part of Montana do you live in? (you only said "locally")

There are generally two things people want to happen when such things occur:

1. Verification of the experiences or alternative explanations. This is where paranormal investigation comes in. Using equipment, interviews, etc., the investigators will explore what is going on, come up with possible explanations as to whether the events are paranormal or not (debunking), look for recordable evidence, etc. There are only a couple of fully equipped investigation teams in Montana, with the most active and established group being Dustin Benner's group out of Billings. His email is

In general, paranormal investigation teams are useful primarily in this way: verification, debunking and evidence gathering. If through the process of debunking they find normal causes of the phenomena, like electrical problems, misinterpretation of events, infrasonic "standing waves" etc., then they can suggest ways to counter the problem. Otherwise, their real interest is in gathering evidence. They are not equipped to stop hauntings, poltergeists, etc. They may offer some ideas like smudging with sage, the use of holy water, and so on, or they may know of psychics one can contact. Of course genuine psychics are rare.

2. "Getting rid of" paranormal phenomena. IF the team decides the situation is indeed paranormal, caused by spiritual activity, etc., it may offer solutions like I mentioned. Sometimes psychics will be able to deduce what is occurring and what could help. They can help human spirits "move on."

If the spirit is nonhuman, generally it is either attached to a place (such as land spirits) or a person (spirits that are attached to a person rather than a place, so that they move with a person from place to place). Both of these are complex situations. Depending on your own personal beliefs and values, you may need a blessing or even an exorcist of some kind. In general, you should start with the church you attend, talking with the pastor or priest there. If you do not attend church, it can be much more difficult, as most ministers of any faith are wary of people who they don't know who suddenly show up with such inquiries. Other religions such as Buddhism also have religious practitioners who may be able to assist. Native American practitioners can sometimes help as well, especially with land spirit situations. Experienced practitioners of magic can also help in many cases. The main thing is to try and find well-regarded and experienced people, or the situation can be exacerbated.

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