Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

The Trees are in Trouble

I have noticed here in Montana, increasing trouble in trees, especially the higher branches, older trees thinning out, and so on. Elms, ashes, and others. I was wondering if I was just imagining it or what.

I just turned 53. I and my brother have been helping a friend farm on his small place. He focuses on peas and carrots. But we put in an intensively intercropped variety of dozens of heritage plants this spring. You are right, that few like to physically work. I am overweight and ill, but I really enjoy it. It feels good to work, body and soul.

No one is listening. I see it all dying around me. I am an American Indian, and it is like watching my family die, but even worse because people naturally die, but nature itself is not supposed to die. If this is the end of nature, I don't want to be around to see it all play out.
Tags: collapse, nature

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