Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

Election Day is tomorrow

HIGHLY recommended...Chris Hedges' column this week! Read it!

The S&M Election

Each of the four national bloggers I follow regularly get only part of the Big Picture of the Change we are living through, or at least each only posts about part of it. Kunstler, Greer and Orlov... Bageant was the other of my Four, but he's sadly gone now. Each adds to the picture. There are three BIG things:

1. Climate Change w/ Environmental Toxicity-Collapse
2. Peak Oil / end of cheap energy of any kind
3. Societal-Economic Collapse w/ increase in internal crime/hostilities/corruption and external wars over resources

Each of those bloggers tend to really focus on only one most of the time, sometimes two. I have yet to see anyone integrate all three.

By the way, I voted early already and I voted for Gary Johnson. I have voted for Bo Gritz and Ralph Nader before. I voted for Obama last time, but I am not going to be fooled again. If he'll run in 2016, I'll vote for Jesse Ventura. Heck, Chris Christie seems to be a good guy who can handle bad situations, so I might even vote for him. For me, it's not about platforms etc. because they all say whatever to get elected anyways, and then do what they want. For me, it's about the leader's integrity, humanity, compassion, honesty, and being with the people, suffering alongside us, and competence. I don't want anymore smoke blown up my backside. We need the ugly truth.

Speaking of stuff going up one's backside, I'm going through my colonoscopy prep today, for tomorrow's fun. For those who have been through it, no words are necessary. For those who have not, no words are possible 8-P ...So between the colonoscopy and Election Day, there is definitely a theme going on tomorrow!!
Tags: collapse, health, politics

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