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Documentary: "The Fairy Faith" (2000)

A documentary from the Film Board of Canada (2000). The filmmaker John Walker travels to Ireland, Scotland, and Nova Scotia to visit various fairy/faerie sites, and talk with some of the people who have seen them or who study their folklore. Some really interesting cool people and thought-provoking interviews, English, Irish, Scot, and Mi'kmaq Indians in Canada. Of varying lengths, each part runs up to about 14 minutes or less.

"A fairy is a tiny being with wings that looks like a person but possesses powers of magic and enchantment. According to legend, fairies can change the weather, alter aspects of nature and bestow magical gifts such as intelligence and plenty. They can also lure humans to their islands where all is happiness and no one ages or gets sick...however, once brought to these mystical places, there is no escape. Join filmmaker John Walker on a quirky and compelling journey through Ireland, England, Scotland and Cape Breton in search of the child's imagination in a rational world. This unique look into the realm of fantasy traces the popular fascination with fairies and is vividly brought to life with gorgeous cinematography and an enchanting soundtrack."

This segment introduces the filmmaker and his personal search for understanding about the faeries. He travels from Canada where he speaks with a retired policeman to Britain, and speaks to a man who claims to see them and who speaks with them.

This segment continues with the harpist, historical changes in how faeries were viewed, Froud the author/illustrator, and a Scottish storyteller.

This segment is set in Ireland, with a visit to a faerie mound with a dowser, more on faerie music, and Eddie Lenihan.

This segment is set in Ireland, speaks to several Irish folks, including Eddie Lenihan (the thorn tree controversy) and a scholar whose little daughter is a descendant of selkies and she tells the tale. (Have you see "The Secret of Roan Inish"? Then you know what selkies are).

After a fascinating story from a construction worker from Glasgow, this segment goes to Nova Scotia and talks to several Mi'kmaq people who have seen them, including elders, and visits a mountain of the Little People.

This segment has an interview with a Mi'kmaq mother and her grown daughter in a faerie place in Canada.

Do I believe in fairies? Yes, I do.
Tags: faerie, land spirits, spirits, video, videos

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