Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

Hauntings, Time, Space, God

Hauntings, Time, Space, God

A few things I have learned that were revelatory:

1. Every place is haunted, in some sense of the term, because everything is alive, in some sense of the term. It's just that some places have more power and thus are more evident, some people are more sensitive, and certain times (tides) are "thinner" (seasons, weather, time of day).

2. Everything that is a "place" can be (or perhaps already is) haunted/occupied/possessed. And every location is "a place" (three-dimensional, width, breadth, length= 3D) but there are different scales of place in the physical: universe, world, region, landscape, site, a being/a person/an animal, object, and probably even smaller.

3. The fourth dimension (beyond 3D) is time, and time also is a physical dimension just as the first three, and applies to the physical and only the physical in the same way. Thus the "time-space continuum" truly is a continuum, the same thing. Eternity isn't really "forever," it just means outside time, time doesn't apply because eternity isn't physical. That's why God has no beginning and no end, because God is not physical and therefore time, as a dimension of the physical, does not apply to God.

Lance Foster
Lance Foster
Tags: god, magic, philosophy, religion, science

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