Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

Difficulties with Both Gods and Magic

One idea that is out there in magic is that although God exists, we can never know God. That all of the faces of God are just gods. I have heard for instance, "In Exodus, you have the deity feigning Divinity, a storm god trying to assert absolute authority."
Well then...

Taking the idea that this is a particular storm god that arose in the eastern
end of the Mediterranean, that continues to assert absolute authority and is
carried to distant lands...I'd like your take on how history has played out.

I found it interesting that in the magical battle between Moses and the Egyptian
priests that Moses' god was stronger than those of the Egyptians, not just in
the battle but in the plagues to follow and the parting of the Red Sea.

And that same god has proven stronger than any of the other gods of other
peoples it encounters, in similar religious wars in Europe, St. Patrick vs the
Druids for example, and the Roman gods.

Here in the U.S., our tribal people's gods were overall unable to stem the
advance of the white people and this same god, under the American idea of
Manifest Destiny. And we lost everything and were nearly wiped out entirely,
millions and millions.

It is a record that the god of the Israelites at times apparently "chastises"
them: Babylon, Egypt, the loss of kingship under Solomon and then the
destruction of the Temple, and their diaspora, and then the persecutions,
pogroms and holocaust in Europe. Yet the Jews continue as an identifiable and
cohesive people, and they hold fast to a god for how many thousands of years?

As to the god(s) of Christianity, the only gods that seem able to resist it even
after lengthy contact and jousting are those in Asia (Buddha, Shiva, etc.) and
the god (which some argue is the same while others argue is different) of Islam.
If the god of Islam and the god of the Israelites is the same god, then, well, I
won't risk blasphemy.

So if there is absolute Divinity and all these gods are just faces of Divinity
and none are The GOD, then some seem to be stronger and assert themselves over
the other gods.

And what is the fruit of all of this in the world we live in now? Endless
worldwide war, and coming global environmental collapse. So what is the
difference between God and the Devil in this situation, if we are to judge the
Tree by its Fruit?

And further, if we are speaking of Trees and Fruit...

How did famous magicians fare in their lives, and significantly,
by the ends of their lives...what sort of fruit did their life Work bear for

Aleister Crowley and John Dee for example had bad luck and

Are there any famous magicians whose fruit of their Work included prosperity,
being surrounded by loved ones, happiness, children, etc.?

Judge the Tree by its Fruit, and neither Magic nor Religion seems to hold up very well.
Tags: christianity, magic, religion

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