Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

My Catholicity

When I was a young person and being a Roman Catholic, I thought of becoming a priest, perhaps a Jesuit (even an exorcist!), or a Cistercian monk living in silence on a distant mountain.

The trouble was, though my theology was liberation theology in parts mixed with early medieval visual and musical symbolic culture,...and the Church's visual culture (guitars and hippies, while I was a cassock and Gregorian chant type). Plus I kinda hoped to have kids (I didn't), and the niceties like the problem that I didn't believe that all nonChristians (nonCatholic heretics even!) were going to hell. That's not how I saw Jesus or His Father. And that little problem I had , that not only humans had souls, but so did animals, rocks, trees, springs, mountains.. Canticle of the Sun and all that.

But the social justice part of the Catholic tradition, I really believed, and still do, in that. Mother Theresa, Saint Francis, Archbishop Romero. And I saw no point in denigrating others' beliefs or forcing mine on them. Judge not, and the best sermon is the one without words. I knew I'd be a washout, so I never tried.

I don't have a label that really fits. I'm too pagan for Catholics and too Catholic for pagans. I am betwixt and between. As for other kinds of Christians, I like the Orthodox and Copts and Celtic old school stripes, but anything else just isn't hardcore enough for me. Our Lady is someone very important to me, even in my most heretical and apostatic cycles.

In any case, I'm with the Doobie Brothers: "Jesus is just all right with me..."
Tags: catholic, catholicism, christianity

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