Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

Ghosts, Ghouls, and Time

I am reading T. C. Lethbridge, a Cambridge-trained archaeologist, and he has a lot to say about the "supernatural", dowsing, etc. The book of his I am currently reading is "Ghost and Ghoul." He uses the terms in specific ways, "ghost" being the visual apparition (he saw two during his life) and "ghoul" being the emotional feeling of a place, such as cold, fear, etc. He does not try to say they are spirits but he does not deny it either; he takes a more circumspect approach, with explanations such as mental projection, etc. Poltergeists are in yet a third category. Lethbridge seems to link all three to psychic phenomena within the human mind, in some cases, being able to apparently be sensed beyond one's mind. One magician (as in sorcery, not legerdemain) I have read says: "It's all in your just don't know how big your head really is." I am halfway through, so I'll give you some conclusions later.

As to time slips, portals, etc., I have two theories. One is that emotions, imagery, etc. can be "stored" in a place of certain geological properties (underground water, quartz-bearing rock, etc.) The second is that time is only a material dimension of physical/material reality, it is not absolute. Just as width or height or depth (the three dimensions of physical reality = 3D) can differ, so can time (the fourth dimension of physical reality). If it is not physical, time (being a physical dimension) does not apply. And it may be that the dimensions beyond the four (3d + time), 5th, 6th, etc., have functions of connections and slipping by the 4 we are familiar with, in the sense of wormholes, timetunnels etc. Mathematics and physics indicate there are dimensions beyond the 4th (time).
Tags: magic, philosophy, spirits

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