Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster


I walk a fine line, a line of tension. I am Native American. I have had lots of odd experiences that have meaning and context and reality in my cultural framework and upbringing in our tribal and intertribal traditions. I can say the same thing about my Catholic upbringing, although the contexts are very different. But I have also been trained in anthropology and in science, and especially in the scientific context, I also have skepticism about some of those same experiences in my contexts of NA tradition and Catholic religion. Some things are irreconcilable, period. Some things can be reconciled to some extent. And the rest, well, are rocks I have to paddle my canoe through or I will capsize.

(i just had one person criticize me on the use of "through the rocks" saying "Paddle through or paddle around?...Paddle over, too?" I saw their point, but "through the rocks" to me means picking your way between/among them. Just as "through the trees" doesn't necessarily mean you are picking a tree (singular) and walking through it (unless there is a doorway, that would be impossible), but walking through the trees (plural) is an acceptable English usage, and so paddling through the rocks is a parallel language construct.)
Tags: catholicism, native american, philosophy, science

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