Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

On Magic and What it is really about

I am looking over the list of my projects, some well-along, some partially-completed, some only a concept on a list, some a series of notes on scratch paper... and I think, which, if any, is worth doing? Are any of them? How does one choose?

BTW, I have come to the point that as far as magic goes, maybe we just need to focus on:

1. each of us is a mystery
2. each of us manifests an aspect of the great mystery in particular ways
3. each of us is magical
4. each of us manifests magic in particular ways
5. our role is to do so
6. reading ad infinitum various magic books and trying different paradigms is an exercise only, not a recipe to follow
7. we need to self-reflect and do our own sorts of magic, the stuff we are born with and are meant to do

THAT's the exciting stuff that actually works and never becomes boring or rote! or never puts you under the power of another --unless hierarchy IS your sort of magic, which it is for some, but i don't think it is for others. And maybe such labels as "mage" "alchemist" "astrologer" "witch" "druid" etc. are part of the problem!
Tags: druid, druidry, magic, philosophy

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