Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

More on Finding Your Own Spiritual Way in the Land You Are In

A question asked: "It sounds like many of you are Americans who draw on the traditions of your non-Native, European ancestors. Do any of you feel in your own practice or that of others that your area or region in the US is developing its own tradition(s)? How much do you feel the area you call home (either where you live right now or where your "heart" is) affects your practice? Are you influenced by Native American practices or things that have arisen in modern times?"

I rest on the three: the Creator (and Helpers), Ancestors (of all my bloodlines), and Land (focusing on the place where I am-- the spirits here, the plants and animals, seasons and phenomena).

So for me, yes, I am informed by the ways of my Ancestors and I honor their culture and wisdom and ways. But those ways dependent on a different ecosystem or seasonal changes, in the Midwest and in Europe. I refer to them but I practice based on the land I am actually in.

For example, there is no sea where I am, so those sea ways I do not follow here. There are mountains and prairies. There are no oaks here. There are Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine. There are no megalithic sites. There are buffalo jumps. This land under the Big Sky was shaped by Coyote and Old Man and Sun. The Little People live in the forests and mountains, but here they want tobacco not whiskey. The cycles I celebrate are those of the land itself: this is Berry Moon ending, with the greatest abundance of chokecherries, currants, etc., and soon Deer and Elk will begin the rut, and after that Bear will be returning to the den.

Yet I do enjoy and celebrate Halloween/Samhain/Samhuinn. And Yuletide and Christmas, I celebrate them as one, because FOR ME rejection of Christmas and the Christ, is as silly and blind as rejection of Yule and Mother Holda. I personally need as many blessings as I can get. That's the way the common people were, whether Celts or Saxons during the coming of Christianity, or Native American, before the preachers began saying their beautiful old traditions were of the devil. People respected everything sacred. I venerate Bear and Wolf and Jesus and Mary and Trickster and my Dead Grandparents. I do it all, because I AM it all. I will not slice different parts of my spirit and life away. You have to be ALL that you are. The whole she-bang, your totality, your wholeness.

That's the way I follow, and it is why neither pagans nor the Church seem particularly fond of nor understand me...but Jesus, Thunder, Grandpa, and Bear seem just fine with it.
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