Lance Foster (hengruh) wrote,
Lance Foster

Global Weirding

Lots of folks seem to point to the big winter storms this year as disproving global warming. Maybe this will help clear some things up:

Thomas Friedman...scored a bullseye in his book Hot, Flat, and Crowded when he pointed out that what we’re facing isn’t global warming but “global weirding:” not a simple increase in temperature, but an increase in unexpected and disruptive weather events. As the atmosphere heats up, the most important effect of that shift isn’t the raw increase in temperature; rather, it’s the increase in the difference in energy concentration between the atmosphere and the oceans. The thermal properties of water make the seas warm up much more slowly than the air and the Earth’s land surface, and so even a fairly modest change in the quantity of heat causes a much more significant change in exergy. Again, it’s exergy rather than energy that determines how much work a system can do, and the work that the Earth’s atmosphere does is called “weather.” Thus the most visible result of a relatively rapid rise in the heat concentration of the atmosphere isn’t a generalized warming. Rather, it’s an increase in extreme weather conditions on both ends of the temperature scale. (John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report, (

Basically things are going to get more extreme, "weirder." The stability of the Earth's natural cycles have been thrown out of whack. That means more rogue ocean waves, more snow storms, more droughts, more forest fires, more tornados, more floods, more hurricanes, more natural disasters...and not only "more," but disasters that don't behave like other disasters, such as hurricanes that come out of season, or that take different tracks and movements.

Hold on. Things have only started getting weird.
Tags: climate change, collapse, weather

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