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Sonny's Dream (Sonny Don't Go Away)

A favorite old tune..."Sonny's Dream," also known as "Sonny Don't Go Away." A friend of mine and I used to like to compare versions of songs, so this one is for him.

By the way, I have been known to suddenly begin singing this song to people I hardly know, startling them a bit. Not that I have a good singing voice, but I like singing like I did as a kid. My Grandma and Grandpa and I used to sing with each other all the time. I was brought up in the generation where such things were just a normal thing to do among family members, and whenever you felt moved to sing. She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain, Glowworm, Paper Doll, Dan Tucker... Sad how people are ashamed to sing these old songs. Singing is its own joy.

The first version is by Liam Clancy...a classic style they used when I was a kid, such as the folk styles of the Irish Rovers and Burle Ives. The lyrics are a little less depressing than the classic lyrics I learned.

The next one is a lovely version by John Hurley; using a more contemporary style, he sings the haunting, disturbing lyrics I learned.

A little more upbeat, produced country version of the song by Canuck Valdy; the lyrics are the more upbeat version used by Liam Clancy.

Another classic version by Christy Moore with slide guitar and the sadder version of the lyrics again.

And last but certainly not least, Ron Hynes, who wrote the folk song in 1976 (can you believe it? It sounds so old)...notice the lyrics too


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